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Operational Leadership Training

Are you looking for ways to help your new people leaders succeed in their roles? One of the most important things you can do is to ensure they have strong technical skills. While many new people leaders may think that their job is solely focused on motivating their teams, technical skills are actually critical for success in any leadership role.

Operational Leadership skills can help to quickly establish credibility, problem solve complex situations, and communicate effectively with team members as well as stakeholders across the organization.

Types of Leadership Training Available

The Feedback Loop

This training module will help you improve communication within your team, leading to increased trust and higher productivity. 

By learning how to give and receive feedback effectively, you can create a culture of open communication and continuous improvement.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Why it is important

  • Why it usually does not work

  • How to gather feedback

  • What to do next

  • Turning feedback into actionable items

  • Creating Consistency: Frequency of the loop

Meeting Management

Meetings are a critical component of any successful team, but they can also be a significant time-waster if not managed properly.

This training module will help you learn how to plan and run meetings more effectively, leading to increased efficiency and better outcomes.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Why even bother managing meetings?

  • Common Mistakes that everyone makes

  • Best Practices for hosting and attending meetings efficiently

  • Follow Throughs from meetings to maximise the benefits of each session

Handling Escalations

In today's customer-centric business environment, it's essential to have the skills to handle customer complaints and escalations effectively. 

This training module will teach you how to manage customer complaints and turn them into positive experiences, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Sources of Dissatisfaction

  • Arriving at 'yes': Defining the limits of resolution empowerment

  • Delivering a 'no' without leaving a customer feeling unheard

  • Final responses and their significance in dispute resolution

  • Documenting decision-making and achieving consistency through precedent 

Interviewing Skills

Ask any established leader and they will tell you: hiring the right talent is crucial for the success of any team in any industry. 

This training module will help you develop the skills you need to conduct effective interviews, assess candidates, and make informed hiring decisions.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Assessing your hiring requirements

  • Designing a coherent interview workflow

  • Candidate Assessment and Selection

  • New Hires: First day arrival

  • Ongoing assessment & Confirmation

Workforce Management

Managing a team's workforce and headcount requires strategic planning and decision-making skills. 

This training module will help you understand the key principles of workforce management and headcount planning, enabling you to make informed decisions that support your team's success.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Workflow mapping and Volume Projections 

  • Shift Structures and Scheduling 

  • Calculating FTE (full time employee) and workforce requirements

  • Key Concepts: Availability

  • Key Concepts: Shrinkage

  • Key Concepts: Erlang Intervals

Performance Management

Performance management is essential for ensuring your team is working towards your organization's goals. 

This training module will help you set up effective performance management plans, including setting goals, providing feedback, and evaluating performance, driving higher levels of engagement and productivity within your team.

Modules covered in Session :

  • Designing KPI or OKRs that meet your business needs

  • Monitoring and Tracking

  • Performance Improvement Plans

  • Distinguishing between Disciplinary Actions vs Performance Issues

  • Handling Employee Exit Procedures

What You Will Get From These Courses


e-Versions of the Learning Materials and Guides


Access to exclusive activities designed to make Leadership more intuitive


Certificate of Completion


Practical exercises, tools and live Q&As with the tutors each day of the program.


Access to premium recorded webinars and interviews on related and unrelated topics

Participant Profile

New and First Time Leaders

HR and Learning/Development Managers

Middle Managers in need 

High Potential Employees

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