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ESG Training

Dicorm Malaysia offers cutting-edge ESG training courses, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable business education. With a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles, Dicorm Malaysia's ESG Training is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of sustainable practices. 

The courses delve into the significance of ESG factors in contemporary business landscapes, emphasizing the importance of responsible corporate conduct. Participants benefit from comprehensive insights and practical strategies, ensuring they are well-prepared to integrate ESG considerations into their organizations seamlessly.

Explore Dicorm Malaysia's ESG training programs to stay ahead in the realm of sustainable business practices. Our ESG Training Malaysia courses provide a holistic understanding of environmental impact, social responsibility, and effective governance, all tailored to the unique context of the Malaysian business environment. Stay competitive and contribute to a sustainable future with Dicorm's expert-led ESG training, where innovation meets responsibility.

Our ESG training course is designed to provide attendees with an introduction to the key principles of Sustainability and ESG Participants will gain a clear and working understanding of each element of ESG and how it could be factored into the decision-making process. Our ESG Training Malaysia course also covers the existing local regulations surrounding ESG with additional talking points about international regulations. Our ESG training course is designed to not only educate and inform but to enable learners to develop realistic, obtainable sustainability targets. 


Our ESG Training Malaysia course topics include :

The evolution of ESGs : Where we learn about the origins of the ESG metrics and how it came to become so relevant to businesses of all sizes in the modern business landscape.

Focus on each element : This training module explores all ESG metrics thoroughly, whilst dispelling misconceptions and fostering actionable insights for each element.

Tracking and Reporting : Learn about local and international ESG reporting regulations, discovering how businesses can leverage existing data to demonstrate their sustainability progress.

Case Studies & Learnings : Scattered throughout the training course to demonstrate how other companies are trying to achieve their sustainability goals and targets, to varying degrees of success. 

ESG Oriented Activities : The secret sauce to our ESG Training are the activities that have been curated to get learners thinking and working towards developing sustainability targets that are measurable and achievable.

Types of ESG Training Available

What You Will Get From These Courses


e-Versions of the Learning Materials and Guides


Access to exclusive activities designed to make ESG considerations intuitive


Practical exercises, tools and live Q&As with the tutors each day of the program.


Certificate of Completion


Access to premium recorded webinars and interviews on ESG and non-ESG topics

Participant Profile

C-Suite Executives and Sr. Management

HR and Learning/Development Managers

Risk Management & Compliance Teams

Non-Executive Level Teams and Interns 

Procurement & Supply Chain Executives

New Hires/Fresh Graduates

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